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[Note that an overview on Filters can be found on the Filters help page]

In this section, users can manage and Activate existing Filters and also create new Filters combining Subsets of Samples and SNPs.


- Press the Add Filter button:


- Write the Filter description on the top box.

- Select, using control-mouse, which Subsets will be included in the Filter being created.

- Introduce the minimum genotyping values for SNPs and Samples if appropriate. Introducing a value here, for example 50% for SNPs, means that all SNPs for which less that 50% of the samples have been genotyped will not be included in the Filter.


- Press Go and the new Filter is created.


- Modify:

Existing Filters can be modified using this option. Every time a Filter is modified its version number gets higher. This version number appears in the reports that SNPator generates in order to inform the user about possible changes in Filter definition.

- Remove:

Filters can be deleted using this option.

- Update:

When new data are introduced in the current Study (or when data are edited) Filters loose their Up-to-date Status. In order to activate a Filter, it must be Updated and this can be achieved with this option.

- Activate:
The Active Filter will be the one that actually decides which set of data from the Study will be used in the analysis and calculations performed till the end of the session or until another Filter becomes Active. Once a Filter has bee activated you can deactivate it either by selecting another Filter or by pressing the Deactivate option that appears besides the Active Filter.