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Most of the commands you will issue to SNPator may take significant computational resources and be very time consuming. Therefore, they are queued and sent to dedicated processing servers.

The Jobs section allows you to keep track of the processes you launched
and see how well they are performing.

You can select any of your Studies and all the associated jobs will appear.


For each job SNPator provides the following information:

The kind of job
The name the user gave to it in order to identify it.
waiting - processing - finished
Request time
Time of launching -the job entered the queue
Start Run
Starting time - the job begins to be processed
End Run
Ending time - the job is already done
Allows the user to cancel a job which is already running

In the above image there is a Phase job already finished and an Arlequin job just launched. A few moments later, the Arlequin job starts.


And after a while it ends:


The button "Remove Finished" can be used to clean the screen from old jobs when the user considers it appropriate.