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SNPator allows you to automatically fill-up the "chromosome" and "position" fields of the SNP table using information available in the last build of dbSNP*. It is important to remember that information in the "dbsnp" field of the SNPs table will be used to identify the SNP. If this field is empty, even when the code in the "code" field were correct, no update will take place.

However, when "code" corresponds to a valid dbSNP code, we can use it directly clicking in the box:


This will make the process easier, but special attention has to be payed by the user to ensure that "code" does really correspond to the dbSNP code. Otherwise one can get wrong information from the process.

By default, the last dbSNP build will be used in this automatic update. Older versions, beginning with build 124, are stored in SNPator and can be selected with the box on top:


Then you will have to select which of the SNPs that you have in your Study are going to be updated. You can do it in several ways:

- By position: You can specify a chromosome and a start and end positions which delimit which SNPs are going to be updated.

- By region: Depending on the content of the field "region" of your SNP table.

- By gene: Depending on the content of the field "gene" of your SNP table.

- Selecting all the SNPs in your Study.


Once you press the GO button, the update will begin. Once finished, a Report will appear in the User Results section indicating possible errors encountered during the process.

SNP information will not be updated when:

- The SNP code cannot be found in the dbSNP database.
- The SNP has more than one position defined in dbSNP.

* There is a delay of some days between dbSNP build release and its incorporation into SNPator.