Data retrieval: Formats - MDR
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This section generates a properly formatted and ready-to-use file that you can use as an input file for the MDR (Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction* ) software.


1. Enter a Description to identify the process in the top box.

2. Select which of the SNPs in your Study are going to be used. You can do it in several ways:

- By position: You can specify a chromosome and positions delimiting a region you are interested in.

- By Region: Depending on the content of the field "Region" in your SNPs Table.

- By Gene: Depending on the content of the field "Gene" in your SNPs Table.
     - All SNPs

3. Select the field that will be used to segregate cases from controls and which value is associated with cases. All the other values will be considered controls.

4. The resulting MDR input file is sent to the User Results section. It will be a *.zip file containing several files:

- mdrFormat.txt
This is the MDR input file.

- SNPs.txt
A text file containing the list of SNP's codes that have been used to build the MDR input file with its correspondent name used inside the file.

- information.txt
SNPator information to identify the job: date, time, user, study and filter.