Modify Genotypes
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In this section, you will be able to Modify the actual value (i.e. CC, AG, TC etc...) of a Genotype and the score associated to it.

This should not be the standard procedure of Quality Control. The usual way to proceed should be to Cancel any results that we do not deem reasonable. Nevertheless, if you consider that the genotyping machine has made a clear mistake, here you will find the way to make changes.

As it is the case with Cancellation in the Coherence Control section, a user can only modify those results that he or she has introduced.

The original values will be stored in the system for future reference.

To Modify, you only have to select which Plate and Genotype you want to work with (as always, you have the option to select All Plates):


Then you click the Modify button and you will be able to make changes in the "Genotype" and "Score" fields of the selected results: