Sample Descriptors
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A set of standard fields is defined by default in the Samples table when a Study is created. These fields cover a wide range of the information that may be needed in the different analysis to be performed.

However, you can define as many new fields as you want and add them to your study.  These new customized fields are called Descriptors in SNPator.

Below there is an example list of already created Descriptors. Note that there will be none when you enter here for the first time:

After the list, there is a form that allows you to create your own Descriptors:

Label:      The name of the descriptor
Type:       To choose from:
(In the later case, set of predefined possible values can be defined).

Length:   Maximum length of the values of the descriptor.

Descriptors can be modified or removed using the options available:


In order to remove a Descriptor it has to be empty (that is, there must be no information uploaded to this field).

In the case of Descriptors of the "List" type you must select the "Items" option, that will allow you to define what are the possible values of this Descriptor.

In the example below, we created a descriptor called "alcoholism" which is of "list" type with a lenght of one. Now we have defined that the possible values inside this field may be: "n" "u" or "y".


Just click the Return button when done.

To remove a descriptor of the "list" type, there must be no Items defined in it. That is, all Items must be removed.

Once Descriptors have been defined here, they are ready to be used as normal fields in every action that can be performed within SNPator.