Data retrieval: SNPs/Samples
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This is the place where you can visualize the tables containing data about SNPs and Samples that have been uploaded into your Study.


The Show Samples and Show SNPs options are a quick way to visualize the data in a web page style. This is specially useful when there are vast amounts of sample or SNP information and we just want to check something quickly without keeping the information:


The Download option creates a Report with more data that goes to the User Results section.

On the very top the Report, SNPator included a header:

Study: sample 1 , Filter: Filter 34 (Id: 1) , Samples: 12 , SNPs: 23 , Typed Percentage: 67.39 %

Time: 15 : 02 : 09
Date: 16 / 08 / 2005
User: advanced

Study: sample 1                Filter: Filter 34 (Id: 1) (Version: 2)          

This provides information on the number of SNPs and Samples and on the percentage of possible Genotypes (all possible combinations of those SNPs and Samples) that are actually present in the Genotypes Table.

You have also the information about, date and time, the Study and the Active Filter (if any) when the Report was generated.

After the header, there is a list of all SNPs and Samples with all their associated information, including the customized Descriptors that the user may have created for this Study. There is also information about the percentage of genotiping  for each sample or SNP.