Plate Upload
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This is the place to upload the Plates with the genotyping results into the Raw Genotypes table.

Boxes are as follows:
The data format of the plate you are going to upload. You have information on these formats in the Plate help page.
A name you give to this plate for its identification inside the Study.
A date corresponding to when were these genotypes produced. This field has only information purposes and the current date is included by default.
In some technologies, results must undergo a software control process before  they are ready to be uploaded into SNPator. This should be the date when this process took place. It is an optional field and the current date is included by default.
Here you tell SNPator where the Plate file can be found in your local drive.

Some of the technologies need a further file in order to be able to get all the information required. The location of this file is specified here.