Validation status
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This section allows the user to check the validation status of the data contained in the currently selected study. If all genotypes are validated, an "OK" message will appear on the screen:


remember that genotypes have to be validated to be allowed to perform analysis in SNPator.

If some genotypes are not validated, a "NOT OK" red message will be shown:

in this case you have to go to the Perform Validation section before being allowed to use the analysis options of SNPator.

In order to see details about what genotypes are validated you can use the two available options and list them by SNPs of by Genotype

- By SNPs:


In this example all genotypes in the Study are validated except some or all genotypes belonging to the two top SNPs . In order to see what are the actual genotypes that are not validated, we should see the list by genotype:

- By Genotype:


a list of all genotypes with its validation status is shown.

in both cases, instead of browsing through the data you can choose the Download data option and you will get all the information in a text file in the User results section.