SNPator (SNP Analysis To Results) has been developped in the context of the CeGen (Spain's National Genotyping Center) and INB (National Institute for Bioinformatics)

SNPator is operational but is not longer upgraded

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You are welcome to enter the system. Just remember that user and password are case sensitive.

Dealing with Genome diversity

SNPator has been created by the Genomic Diversity and Population Genomics Node of the Spanish institute of Bioinformatics (INB).

Is it useful to me?

SNPator has been conceived as a tool to make the management and analysis of genomic SNP data. Tipical quality control and statistical procedures can be performed in an easy and quick way even by people with no deep IT knowledge

Making things easier

Besides the contextual help that you will find when using SNPator, several tutorials and example cases have been prepared in order to introduce you to the applications

SNPator's goodbye

After 15 years of serving the community, SNPator will come to its end next June 24th. Thanks for your support during all that time